You can build a profitable, blissful business. One that’s aligned with your passions, your true self and allows you to slow down and savour every second of the journey. And I can show you how…

Why Hire Me? Here’s the Scoop:

I help dedicated, empathetic entrepreneurs just like you committed to creating profitable & thriving businesses. My greatest joy is helping you break through the blocks that keep you from getting more of what you want, including more joy, time & freedom. After barely coming up for air while earning my first million I learned that true success is measured in more than money - it also includes having freedom with your time (ie not being a slave to the thing you’ve created) choosing work that gives purpose, joy and allows you to be the best version of yourself.
Want the scoop on my journey? When I work with clients I draw upon my nearly 30 years of experience in finance, business development, entrepreneurship & marketing strategy. I combine all those business savvy skills with self-awareness insights developed through philosophical & religious studies, biological & neurological science as well as somatic & yogic body, mind & emotional releasing techniques. What this really means is that I can show you how to integrate everything - the entrepreneur and the individual so you can find balance within yourself, your business and your life. And create more prosperity, peace of mind and true wealth than ever before. If you want to know more details about me the official bio is over
As a life coach for entrepreneurs, I’m here to walk alongside you in discovering new ways to create more abundance in your life and business. You can dip your toes in by reading several of my free eBooks or checking out my podcast or blog. You can join me on a retreat and spend a weekend where you’ll learn how to create a life and business of Authentic Abundance™.

Or you can work with me one-on-one where we’ll work together via phone or video calls to create a customized 90-day plan tailored specifically for you to ensure you’re achieving all your visionary goals. And we do all the mindset work so that achieving them this time - will be better.
I offer a handful of different group and private coaching programs depending upon your need, timeline and budget. The best way to determine if we’re a good fit is to schedule a complimentary discovery session so we can learn more about each other and see if we’re perfect together. You can schedule that right
We’ll go wherever we need to go in our sessions, whether that’s addressing limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage, time-management issues that keep you from thriving, a real-time struggle that leaves you feeling drained or work through a new long-term vision you are ready to create.

My goal is two-fold. To start I will guide you through a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your business to uncover what’s working, what isn’t and what possibilities exist to elevate your purpose and profits. Second, I show you how to lead from context, which includes deep listening to your inner guidance, the people on your team and the information around you. You’ll have unlimited email access to me so we can work on real-time decision-making skills and your journey will always be supported.


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