How would you like to wake up every day feeling abundant?

Feeling confident that nothing can get in the way of creating the life you want to be living?

Where the joy, freedom and fun you experience while doing work you love has woven its way into every aspect of your life?

Feeling like you’ve dropped the shame and guilt about where you should be and of “what might happen next.”

And that you’ve changed the conversations you’ve been having with yourself so that you’re continuously witnessing the perfection of life in all that occurs.

The Abundance in Paradise Retreat is designed to help you open up the floodgates to more abundance in your life.

Simply by learning how to challenge your assumptions you'll open the doorway to discovering your true wealth.

Hosted by business strategist and intuitive money coach Leisa Peterson.
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Leisa will lead you through a transformational week long experience where you’ll expand your ability to live in abundance. Through heart opening exercises and presentations, energy clearing practices, outdoor exploration, yoga, swimming, art, dance, business strategy discussions and Q&A, Leisa will guide you on an unprecedented journey of self-discovery and self-realization.
She’ll help you to break through whatever stands in your way of living abundantly, so you can experience profound emotional relief, inner peace and pave the way to a life of greater confidence.

During the retreat, you’ll…

Receive direct instruction and healing practices from Leisa.

Identify and eliminate specific negative patterns of limitation & fear (abundance blocks) so you can finally breathe easier no matter what surprises life brings.

Explore and heal your relationship with money in a loving way so that you can sleep better at night with greater confidence.

Learn how to transform your greatest challenges into your greatest teachings.

Learn how to use healing practices such as energy clearing, mindfulness, breath work, and EFT so you leave the retreat armed with tools you can put to use right away.

Build relationships with like-minded entrpreneurs and do lots of fun stuff like swim and snorkel in the ocean, dance like no one is watching, eat lots of organic yummy food, and laugh lots. Check out the past retreat gallery.

Gain tools to transform your life so you can live in abundance every day.

This retreat IS for people who are:

– tired of having to work incredibly hard without ever feeling satisfied.

- ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work & face the uncomfortable in order to make your business even more successful

- ready to dive into immersive experiences that lead to major mental & emotional breakthroughs

- eager to make new like-minded friends who’ll support your personal & professional growth.

– seeking sustainable & practical solutions that can be put into practice immediately.

-convinced that lasting change starts from within.

This retreat IS NOT for people who are:

- want to sit back & receive a quick fix (no one can do the work for you)

- aren’t open to new ideas & the discovery of alternative solutions.

- Can’t stand the thought of diving into your backstories even if positive transformation is the result.

Leisa is not your usual “coach”, she’s an incredibly gifted healer, a wise teacher, and a powerful modern-day shaman who sees beyond what the human eye can see and works in realms that actually transmute and transform areas of pain, blocks and blind spots. Working with her has been critical in my journey of stepping into greater success, as well as the expansion and expression of my soul – both personally and professionally which with years and years of other work has not done. You MUST experience this woman, her gifts and her hearts expression! -- Georgiana Kovell, Sales and Performance Coach

Leisa = Leverage If you've done personal development work, counseling, therapy, business coaching, money education, clearing work, you can LEVERAGE all of the work you've done by working with Leisa. She brings all of it together. If you haven't done any of this kind of work, well then you're in for a treat! Leisa can seamlessly move between your personal life and business life which helps confirm and further reveal the truth that it really is all connected. I really believe that for every dollar you spend with Leisa you're getting the value of 7 dollars spent in therapy or other coaching. Every hour I've spent working with her has MOVED me. I haven't grown exponentially. I've taken quantum leaps. I've shifted to a completely new space. If you're into investing in yourself, working with Leisa is just hands down the best place to put your money. -- Jenny Joy, CEO, Ruby Red Cleaning Services

Retreat Overview:

Prior to Arrival Private One Hour Session with Leisa to discuss your intentions, goals and opportunities for expansion during the retreat to ensure you head into retreat with the ability to get the most out of your experience.

Friday, November 3, 2017 (5-8p): What better way to decompress and ease into your retreat than to engage in an opening ceremony where you can meet fellow retreaters and enjoy a celebration Hawaiian BBQ. The Kava will be flowing for those who wish to try this lovely root drink from the islands.

After dinner we’ll begin the retreat with a meditation and initiation ceremony that invites all- knowing guidance to support our journey while allowing a deeper connection between retreaters. The opening ceremony transitions the group into operating as a cohesive unit and fosters a safe, judgment-free and sacred space for our personal and collective evolution. Starting the first evening and continuing throughout the week we will use the art of Tarot to tap into ancient wisdom and brightly illuminate our pathways.

Saturday and Sunday, November 4 & 5, 2017: Rise & shine each morning as we join together to indulge in freshly baked quiche, sweet and tangy fruits and juices and piping hot coffee.

Morning activities will begin with poolside yoga with Kona based Yogi, Alyssa Kratz.

Lunch will be a collection of options for all types of foodies.

Late morning and afternoons will include retreat breakthrough sessions.

Ending the day with community dinners together that we prep, cook and enjoy in the company of the retreat community.

FREE evening on Saturday after dinner so retreaters can drive into Kona. Evening retreat session will be held on Sunday after dinner.

Monday, November 6, 2017 - FREE DAY : Self guided kayaking at Captain Cook monument (fees for this trip will be additional and arranged prior to retreat event.) Sack lunches and dinner on your own.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017: Starting day with breakfast and yoga intensive with Alyssa and continuing retreat sessions in the morning. Lunch at home and afternoon getaway to Kona area beach. Community Dinner at home with retreaters and Q&A and Group Discussion evening session.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - Reflection and Integration Day: Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the home. Intention is to allow retreaters private time to journal, meditate and relax so that the sessions are able to be integrated into one’s life beyond the retreat experience. Retreaters may decide to go to beach for the day and Leisa will also be available for private sessions throughout the day at the beach or at the house.

Community dinner at the house with after dinner session for Q&A and Group Discussion.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 9 to 10:30 am - Farewell: We’ll gather together for a special farewell ceremony before setting off to begin your fresh new reality – rested, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to fill the world with the love that is beaming out of you!

Each day will include time for reflection, savoring nature, building relationships, and enjoying all the beauty Hawaii has to offer!

Hi, I'm Leisa Peterson ...

I’m an psychic intuitive money coach, life coach for entrepreneurs, best-selling author, podcaster & blogger. I’m known for my ability to quickly identify the exact issues that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. Especially when it comes to money and wealth creation. I draw upon various modalities including my own guides, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Allowing ™, mindfulness practices and breath work to assist you in clearing out the emotional and mental obstacles that are holding you back. Then I provide customized instructions that show you exactly how you can apply these breakthrough experiences in your life and business. Have questions about Leisa Peterson and the Abundance in Paradise Retreat? Please contact Leisa directly at 530-448-7081 or

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Have questions about Leisa Peterson and the Authentic Abundance Retreat? Please contact Leisa directly at 530-448-7081 or

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